LETTER: No surprise over cutting of fund

It should be no surprise that the Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne has decided to cut Worthing’s Community Safety Partnership funding by an unprecedented 44 per cent.

Since her office drains an already cash-starved police force (I refuse to say ‘service’; if I am robbed I want a force to come and help, not a service...) of well over £1,000,000 every year, Sussex Police have been reduced to the sidelines of crime-fighting.

Claims of ‘efficiency’ are, of course, spurious in the extreme; police officers spend a ludicrous amount of time ploughing through tedious and repetitive paperwork despite Ms Bourne’s appointment and joining the police must now seem like the last resort for many school-leavers due to the degradation of the job by the previous Home Secretary and current Prime Minister and her cronies.

Seeing Tory councillors grinning on your article was too much to take; who do these people represent?; certainly not me, nor, I suspect, the majority.

Smiling like stuffed dummies while slashing public safety budgets just shows these people for what they are – out of touch, overpaid and cretinous.

Time to either abolish the post of Police and Crime Commissioner or, better yet, make it a voluntary, non-political appointment.

If Ms Bourne or these rosy-cheeked buffoons had any decency, they’d return taxpayer’s money and resign.

Mark Sohn

Pavilion Road


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