LETTER: Sinking feeling from project

I find it amazing that Adur council has recently granted permission for a nine-storey building to be built in Brighton Road, providing 540 residences.

I confess that this riverbank project has given me a sinking feeling – especially since the council must have realised that by adding only a further five storeys they could have increased the number of dwellings by 300, as well as providing a lift to a much-needed heliport on the building’s roof.

A heliport would have brought in more revenue for the council coffers, giving the gridlocked motorists the means of getting to Brighton for a set fee and then back again to their (still) parked cars.

What sort of council have we elected? Where’s their imagination? Where’s their foresight? As it stands, without the revenue from a heliport they’ll just be getting jam today – and traffic jam tomorrow. Surely someone should have warned them...?

Trevor Harvey

Greenacres, Shoreham

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