LETTER: What a brilliant pantomime

Regarding Littlehampton Musical Comedy Society’s Dick Whittington at the Windmill Theatre – wow! Another great panto.

Yet another brilliant show put on by Littlehampton Musical Comedy Society. Did we enjoy it? Answer: yes!

So much amazing variety, with plenty of slapstick comedy; super sets and scenery, including the one under the sea; dazzling dance and mix of song, plus a chance to sing along; also water spray and sweets, how we love those sugary treats! And we loved to hiss and boo, and to shoult loud ‘Behind you!’

Wonderful characters, the good and the mean, amazing costumes, too, were seen.

All your time and effort were worthwhile, you made so many people smile. So many congratulations are due – and we were a super audience, too!

Di Brown

Broadmark Lane


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