LETTER: What a show at Worthing theatre!

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Your letters

Last month, we were very lucky to be given tickets by our lovely neighbours to see ‘Joseph’ at the Connaught Theatre, as sadly they couldn’t make it because of ill health.

What a wonderful performance it was.

I’ve searched the Herald for mention of it, and can’t quite believe that there has not been a report on it.

All those wonderful children gave us an evening we will never ever forget.

Oak Grove College is a remarkable school.

The children quite obviously enjoyed every minute of it, and judging by the standing ovation, so did the sell-out audiences.

I can’t wait for next year’s show.

Everyone was brilliant – the brothers and their wives, Elvis and the choir were all excellent.

The narrator and Joseph were truly outstanding and had us in tears, especially with ‘Close Every Door To Me’.

Well done to all the very hard-working staff and keep up the good work.

Mr and Mrs G. Bacon

Palatine Road


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