LETTER: Who will take beloved tapes?

The time has come in my life when I need to down-size, either to move nearer to my son in Yorkshire and save him and his wife a day’s journey to come to me in Worthing, or to save them many hours, days, even weeks, to go through all my things when I die.

I thought I would start with my collection of videotapes. They are now sorted, labelled and displayed in open boxes ready to pass on to the eager throng.

“It’s outdated technology, useless!” they say. “Nobody wants them,” they say. “Don’t look at them, just take them to the tip,” they say. “There is no call for them, no-one wants them any more,” they say. As a teacher, parent, grandparent and lover of all kinds of drama and documentaries, the invention of videotaping was the most wonderful activity to come my way.

As a child in Cornwall, my father worked hard as a blacksmith to take care of us and I was brought up to take care of possessions, and not to throw anything away that may be of use to someone.

Is there anybody there? Are there children, students, retired people, other people in sheltered housing, care homes, nursing homes – anybody – who could use and enjoy some video tapes?

Got nothing to play them on? I can help you out there, too. I have two or three redundant video players to give away as well.

Please let me know if you would like some (or all) or give advice as to the possibilities of disposal.

Must I really throw my beloved tapes away?

J.M. Connelly

Mersham Gardens