LETTER: Worrying about life locally...

Littlehampton seafront
Littlehampton seafront

Here I am again, worrying about life in Littlehampton. It seems to me money is the most important thing in people’s lives.

I’d like to know whose silly idea it was to let people ride bikes along the front in the summer months, when the beach is full of visitors. Along Bognor seafront they have a green line which people have to keep to. Why don’t we have one? They ride two, three even four across, fast.

And another thing: why are dogs allowed in the town centre without a lead? A Staffordshire bull terrier-like dog tried to get my handbag out of my hand. What a sad world we live in if we can’t walk through the town to see the lights at 7.30pm without being frightened.

Peggy Brassett

Granville Road