I WOULD like to congratulate councillor Bob Smytherman and his colleagues on their level-headed and pioneering approach to public health in the borough.

I am comforted by the latest news that David Cameron plans to introduce a minimum price for alcohol, along very similar lines to the proposal led by Mr Smytherman and recently rejected by Worthing Borough Council Tories.

I now feel sure that apologies are in order from councillors Charles James and Roger Oakley for their recent petty personal attacks political point scoring antics, now the Prime Minister and leader of their party has decided to side with the pioneering vision of the Worthing Liberal Democrats, rather than continue pointless bickering without a genuine concern for the people of the town.

I once again would like to congratulate Mr Smytherman for putting the people of Worthing and the health of the town first and not engaging in the childish and partisan behaviour exhibited by some members of the Worthing Conservative group.

James Nelson

Harrison Road