Life after surgery

WITH regards to cancer treatment and the article on Andrew Stonehouse’s situation, let me assure him that there is life after surgery.

I have had bowel cancer and received brachytherapy treatment but I still required surgery to remove the remains of the tumour.

This in turn was not the complete answer so I had further surgery (colostomy) which resulted in having a “stoma”.

This is not unusual and may well be a life-saving procedure

Let me assure Andrew that many thousands of people like me continue to have a full, active and rewarding life, which we live with dignity.

It may help to join a cancer support group.

I am a member of the Worthing group where people from all walks of life, who have been through the trauma of having cancer, tell of their continued enjoyment of activities such as walking, swimming, dancing, playing bowls, golf and in one girl’s case, wing walking!

Remember that the NHS is there to help you and will only recommend what they believe is the best treatment for you. Be positive.

There is no shame in having a colostomy. Look forward to the future and good luck.

Ernest Vye

Roman Way