Lights not needed

I REFER to N. Dabinett’s letter (Gazette, April 14) regarding the crossing in Beaumont Park, Littlehampton.

Firstly, the local residents didn’t particularly want this crossing put in at the location it is, but the council deemed it dangerous to put it anywhere else on the road.

Secondly, the pavement does not get particularly thinner from the Berry Lane end, it appears thinner due to the grass verge on that side of the road.

Thirdly, you should always wait for cars to have stopped before you cross a zebra crossing, as you do not have right of way.

I am a very local resident in very close vicinity to the crossing, which, as I have already said, we didn’t want positioned there in the first place and campaigned against. I sincerely hope that you (and the council) would have respect for people living by this crossing NOT to have flashing lights of a “proper crossing” going off day and night, which would drive us to distraction.

I was very upset to learn of the person who was killed crossing that road, however, this crossing would not have even been thought of if the Tesco store was not there. The car use in Beaumont Park would be less and, in turn, the road a lot safer to use. We lost parking spaces to accommodate this crossing, but we are not allowed to have driveways due to bye-laws.

The crossing is 95 per cent used by dog walkers and not shoppers to Tesco, as it is on the wrong side for the majority of housing on that road, and on top of all this we have to put up with the noise of lorries delivering to the store at all hours, constant car noise from users of the store (not locals on foot!), cars parking dangerously on the bend by Finisterre Way and the awful rubbish problem in the surrounding area.

We have also just suffered the aftermath of clearing up a fire from papers taken from the store and then set alight.

Please don’t blight us even more by asking for flashing lights, we have enough to put up with. Traffic calming would be better down the length of the road, such as they have in Angmering, perhaps – not necessarily the answer, but then, neither is the crossing.

Chris Faerber,

Beaumont Park,