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WE have experience of a 20mph speed limit with amber warning lights near schools in Worthing already, having driven through these many times, all the vehicles I have followed have not reduced their speed from 30mph completely ignoring the 20 limit.

Even if there were speed cameras on all the roads it would make no difference, drivers only slow down for the distance that they are within the cameras, sights and then immediately speed up even though the whole road is the same speed limit.

How on earth can it be policed, impossible I would say! A bit like trying to police mobile phones being used while driving, we all know the dangers and the the punishment if caught, but not a day goes by that I don’t see it happening.

The police are already overstretched, wouldn’t we rather they were spending their time dealing with situations like muggings, rape, burglary, etc., rather than standing on the roadside because someone has been driving at 23mph.

Also, the road rage that will be caused because of a 20mph speed limit would stretch them even more, impatient, frustrated drivers are not good drivers, do we really want more of them on our roads, if what we want is more accidents then reduce the limit to 20mph.

I am 53 years old and have driven a car and ridden a motorcycle since I was 17 years old, I stick to the speed limits, I am one of the most patient people you could ever meet, but a 20 mile an hour speed limit would certainly test my patience, I would still be in second gear at that speed.

My vote if I had one would definitely be no, don’t do it.

I went to every single meeting about the proposed controlled parking zones in Worthing, there were plenty of people against it, even when the votes from the public were counted there were more against than for, but it is going ahead, anyway, so I am afraid I don’t have much confidence in the local committee that passed it. Hopefully when the 20mph issue is passed on for public consultation they will let every Worthing resident know as we only found out about the CPZ from a neighbour by chance.

Jeannie Bradshaw

Lyndhurst Road