Limit needs a trial

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HAVING read with great interest the various articles and letters on the topic of 20’s Plenty, it seems to me that there will be many more of the same before any decision is made on this contentious issue.

Writing as someone who has spent a considerable number of years recording and analysing traffic data and accident statistics, both in Sussex and nationally, as well attending more accidents than I wish to remember, I do hope that the end-result of the discussion will depend on a accurate interpretation of logic and fact and not rely on personal beliefs and prejudices.

I am well aware how easy it is to “cherry pick” statistics which support a point of view and disregard those which throw a not so welcome light on those which do not.

Although this letter is not presenting arguments either way, that would take too long, it does seem to me that to impose a blanket 20mph over virtually the whole of Worthing in one fell swoop is a step too far.

Far better to carry out a properly controlled and monitored trial in one area for a period of at least six months.

Even this has its problems, but would be a better alternative than to take the full step which, with the best will in the world, could prove to be an expensive exercise which did not resolve the inherent problems it was trying to eliminate

R. J. Winter MBE

Frobisher Way