Littlehampton needs more businesses, not more houses

I went on the bus to Worthing last Wednesday, as I often do as it is the town’s market day.

And what a big market it is. More than once, I was asked where I came from.

Bunces in Littlehampton. Photo: Google Images

Bunces in Littlehampton. Photo: Google Images

I said Littlehampton and they said our beach was lovely but ‘shame about the town’.

It’s getting more like a ghost town, with more shops closing.

I noticed three more – the off licence in the high street, a little café and now Bunce’s.

Why are the council letting more houses be built?

Why not make the leases cheaper, then more people would lease our shops. It makes sense to me.

Also, I notice the Tamarisk falling to ruin. What a waste.

Peggy Brassett

Granville Road



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