Littlehampton Waitrose site could be a real asset to our town

I agree with the comments of Whispering Smith in the Littlehampton Gazette of January 24, concerning the Waitrose site.

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The Waitrose supermarket in Avon Road, Littlehampton, could be turned into 83 houses

The Waitrose supermarket in Avon Road, Littlehampton, could be turned into 83 houses

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I have long thought that Arun District Council could have invested some of its (our?) reserves in buying the site.

It would then be possible to bring the cinema from the Windmill into the town centre; to create an area similar to the Tamarisk Centre which so many people enjoyed; to create a proper bus stop with seating and lavatories instead of the inadequate pavement currently in use and to have space available to hire out to local organisations.

It would be a large initial expense but what an asset it could become for the residents of Littlehampton and the surrounding area.

Susanne Brown

Bell Davies Road, Littlehampton


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