Live with wildlife

Your correspondent Mrs Law suggested last week that there should be annual culls of foxes to keep their numbers down.

She agrees that it is neither possible nor desirable to wipe out foxes. Unfortunately, it is also impossible to keep the number of foxes at some lower level than that set by nature.

The population of foxes in any area is mainly controlled by the availability of food and suitable habitat.

If more foxes are killed, more cubs will be produced to fill the gap. Culling to control fox numbers is therefore a futile exercise, though some people pay private contractors to do such work.

If householders consider that foxes are a nuisance in their gardens, they would be better advised to spend their money on deterrents than on culling. It is cheaper, more effective and more humane.

The Fox Project gives advice on methods of deterring foxes from visiting gardens on its website and by telephone 01892 826222, and recommends consultants who will advise householders on the deterrent methods that are appropriate for their situation.

Local authorities have no responsibilities in this field, because foxes are not classed as pests.

We have to accept that mankind cannot control the natural world. We have to live with wildlife.

If we do not want it in our gardens, we can deter it from coming there.

David Sawers

Seaview Avenue

East Preston