Load of rubbish

WHILST I congratulate Brighton & Hove Albion on their training ground project at Mashbarn Lane, Lancing, and wish them success in their venture, it is not possible for me to feel the same way about Adur District Council.

Adur states this is the biggest inward investment in Lancing ever.

What a load of rubbish.

The rumours I already hear is that the bulk of any investment will be directed at Shoreham, no surprise there.

If anything goes to Lancing it will be at the Manor Leisure Ground for the benefit of a private company, Impulse Leisure.

Once again, Lancing are to be ignored by Adur.

The sports grounds in Lancing are in a poor state of repair; the changing rooms at Monks recreation ground are on their last legs, and the changing rooms at both Croshaw recreation ground and east Lancing park are ancient, dilapidated “Portacabins” that are plus of 30 years old and no better than poor quality Third World facilities.

But perhaps we will have something nice in Shoreham!

Adur District Council, you should hang your heads in shame.

I was born in Lancing and still reside in Lancing.

I have played football for many years on all of the recreation grounds in Lancing and it is about time reasonable facilities should be provided for those playing there now and this project seemed to be the manner by which it would happen, that is if Adur behave honourably.

Ron George

Freshbrook Road,