Long Furlong

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Your letters

With regard to the recent tragic accident on Long Furlong, what is needed on the road is the national speed limit at the junction with the A24 being changed to 50mph maximum, up to the current 40mph section towards the A27 flyover/roundabout.

It needs the addition of signage showing a complete ban on overtaking on the sections not marked by double white lines, or extend the double white lines, whichever is cost-effective. Lastly, there is a need to emphasise to motorists ‘we’ll be watching you’ with camera signs and by flash speed and overtaking checks by traffic officers.

I can understand the A24 has tight bends so need it to have a 50mph limit, but could never understand such a narrow road as Long Furlong having any part suited to a national speed limit.

If I may, I take this opportunity to inform Carol Cranford (Herald letters, November 27) that I have checked my my wife’s and son’s headlights, side lights and indicators – all working, heads on both dip and main beams.

Robert Whiting

Hayling Rise


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