Long school trip

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WITH reference to Joan Wade’s letter last week, I would like to elaborate on the point concerning very young children being forced to travel up to three miles to primary school.

Parents are given a choice of three preference of schools, so why has my grand-daughter been been allocated a place at a school four miles away? She lives just off the seafront and the school is not only north of the railway, but the Littlehampton Road, as well.

My daughter has no car and a younger child to be taken to pre-school within the catchment area of where she lives. The time factor involved, the cost of public transport and inconvenience, especially on bad weather days, render it ridiculous.

Why is it that one cannot go to a doctor outside one’s catchment area, but, when it comes to school, this is considered to be irrelevent?

H. Van Helden

Hillview Rise

Findon Valley