Look and Sea Centre: answers needed on why Littlehampton business closed

I have just read my copy of Arun Times.

I note all the ‘wonderful’ things our council has done recently for us all!

The Look and Sea Centre in Littlehampton. Picture: Chris Adam Smith

The Look and Sea Centre in Littlehampton. Picture: Chris Adam Smith

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However, I’m dismayed at no public answers to the closure of the Look & Sea.

I was a volunteer there and loved to see the schoolchildren’s excitement on visits, of which there were many – and many more bookings into 2019.

I was originally just a regular customer at this busy café. Like most locals, I cannot fathom out how it lost so much money.

I ran my own business for 50 years, so have some idea of good and bad. The only criticism I would ever make is on the portion size which was always very generous. Was there colossal wastage?

The staff in the heritage centre were not paid fortunes. I very much doubt the staff in the café were highly paid, either.

I think we deserve to know the real financial reasons for it’s demise. Just to create another ‘drinking establishment’ is certainly not the answer.

Jim Payne

Maypole Lane, Yapton


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