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BACK in the 1950s, our family dog (a dachshund called Ricki) savaged my Goring Hall school photo.

That’s the July, 1956, one with the stylish Mrs Cornish, the headmaster’s wife, apparently about to nod off. (I must say, I’m struck by how handsome and intelligent everyone looks. If they didn’t all go on to grace the silver screen or rule what was left of the empire, I’d be most surprised.)

I’m looking at the photo as I write this. The top left has been torn off and the rest is punctured with toothmarks. Fortunately we eased it out of the dog’s jaws before it could be totally shredded. What on earth did Ricki have against Goring Hall? Did he feel it was taking up too much of my time? And attacked the photo in a fit of jealousy? We’ll never know.

Anyway, because my copy’s so mangled, I’d love to buy one that isn’t. Might a Herald reader have a 1956 photo to sell?

Actually, I’m also up for the 1954 photo with the lovely, pearl-bedecked Miss Burlton in it. Mine’s splattered with ink! (Don’t ask! But it wasn’t the dog!) This one features a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Mrs Cornish in fashionable dark glasses.

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