Loss of facility

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Your letters

This is to say how shocked and disappointed I am at the loss of such a wonderful and vital facility – the Guildbourne IT Workshop in Worthing.

I am a pensioner who does not understand computers and struggles to use them.

For three years I have been a regular user of the workshop and cannot praise it enough.

The manager Andy and his team of volunteers are so patient and helpful to older people and those with learning difficulties etc.

I manage to send and read emails now thanks to the workshop but still find many other functions of computers hard to cope with so now I don’t know how I will manage.

Andy has invested a lot of time and effort in this project as well as some of his own personal finances to keep it afloat so it is a bitter blow to him as well as to his users that so suddenly it is gone.

Is there no way that this unique facility can be restored?

Whatever the outcome, I must thank Andy for all his help and advice during the years I have been fortunate enough to benefit from his wonderful service.

Diane Firth

Rogate Road,


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