Lots of cash but minimal change

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Your letters

The proposed scheme involves 900 roads becoming 20mph with some 200 arterial roads remaining 30mph or above.

You can tell this scheme originated from some well-meaning people who thought 20mph was a good idea, but appear to have little knowledge of collisions and their causes.

To start with, 25 to 30 serious injuries occur per year on the 200 arterial roads, yet only six to seven serious injuries on the 900 proposed 20mph roads per year.

Only 12 per cent of accidents occur because of speed whereas 40 per cent happen because of lack of attention or losing concentration. When people drive slower they tend to pay less attention.

The Department for Transport advises that having a 20mph sign on a former 30mph road will achieve an average speed reduction of merely 1mph to 2mph.

Put all this together and you get little change except of course the £350,000 (at least) wasted on road signs, money which could have been used on other road schemes, potholes, crossings, etc.

It is also interesting to note that the people who do know about collisions and their causes are the police and highways department, neither of whom endorse this scheme for fairly obvious reasons.

Can we really afford to throw money away on this pointless scheme while services such as police, fire, health and education are being cut year on year?

Gavin Ross

Rogate Close


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