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In response to the letter from E. Stevens (Herald, July 17) about 20mph being cost-effective, it is right that the Department for Transport (DfT) does put a rough cost of about £19,000 on slight injury, £200,000 on serious injury and £1.9million for a fatality.

Well, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Portsmouth went 20mph in 2008. So here are the before and after figures.

In 2007, which was 30mph: slight, 709, cost £13.4million; serious, 76, cost £15.2 million and fatalities, three, cost £5.7million. Total for the year: £34.3million.

In 2008, which was 20mph: slight, 620, cost £11.7million; serious, 90, cost £18million and fatalities, nine, cost £17.1million. Total for the year: £46.8million.

The cost of injuries went up by £12.5million after the 20mph limit was introduced. But you can add another £500,000 for the cost of changing the signs, which rounds it up to £13million.

These are the DfT figures for Portsmouth and using E. Stevens’ injury figures.

So, how many councils can afford to introduce 20mph?

Gavin Ross

Rogate Close


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