Making contact

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I AM writing looking to make contact with my late great aunt Minnie’s daughters or any other members of my great aunt’s family.

My great aunt’s name was Minnie Parks and her maiden name was Livingston, my Gran used to write to my great aunt regularly but all contact was lost when my great aunt passed away in 1995.

My Aunt Minnie had two daughters, Evelyn born in 1949 and Valerie born in 1957, their maiden names would have been Cochrane. In my quest to find them I have discovered that Evelyn and Valerie both moved to the Worthing area to be near my aunt from Perth in Scotland.

I believe Evelyn married John Davidson in 1969 and they had two sons the eldest being Michael Davidson born in 1970 I’m unsure of the youngest one’s details.

I also believe Valerie married John Cotton in 1978 and have a daughter Angela Cotton.

If anyone can put me in contact with any of the above mentioned persons, I would like very much if you could contact me at the following email or my home number 01563820154.

James Cotton

Margaret Avenue


East Ayrshire