Mange corrections

WHILE our sympathy goes out to G.L. Forrest (Readers’ Letters, February 2) for the problems his dog is suffering with mange, I feel we should correct a few points:

The writer appears to have been seriously misled by his or her vet, who says “a fox only has to urinate and your pet can get a dose of mange”. Like fleas and ticks, canine mange is an environmental parasite, and to suggest they can be passed on in urine is nonsense.

Neither is there any basis for assuming the disease was picked up from a fox, any more than it might have been from eggs hatched out on another dog, a hedgehog, squirrel or even tramped in on a shoe or car tyre.

Our wildlife hospital admits 650 to 700 foxes per year. Far from being “full of mange”, the small minority who do arrive with the disease are routinely and successfully treated within three weeks at a cost af less than £5.

They don’t have to undergo what G L Forrest describes as “weeks of visiting the vet and large bills”.

Perhaps the vet’s remarks were misunderstood. If not, I would recommend a second opinion and a little online research.

Trevor Williams


The Fox Project