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Your letters

On December 16, 2014, West Sussex County Council held a drop-in session to set out plans for the Manor Sports Ground, Broadwater.

I and other residents who attended the meeting were confused by the conflicting statements which have been given. Distributed at the session was a brochure, which stated ‘Bohunt School Worthing has use of the extensive green space of Manor Sports Ground’.

A letter from West Sussex County Council dated December 10, 2014, stated that a ‘public consultation’ drop-in session was taking place but was only distributed to houses backing onto the Manor Sports Ground. The distributor said he was not allowed to give the letter to anyone else.

In response to a request for information, a letter November 13, 2014, from West Sussex County Council, stated: “I can confirm that the authority is unaware of any minuted meetings that relate to the Academy and the Manor Sports Ground. The meeting held on October 6, 2014, was organised by Worthing Borough Council and attended by West Sussex County Council, Bohunt and a representation of the cricket and hockey clubs. The meeting held on October 14, 2014, with West Sussex County Council, Bohunt and Worthing Borough Council was to discuss the Academy and Manor Sports Ground. Neither meeting was minuted.” The leader of Worthing Borough Council stated: “To the best of my knowledge, I have been in meetings with Bohunt and West Sussex County Council on three occasions. I do not have any minutes of these meetings.” Why are no minutes available?

A Bohunt representative agreed that the green space available on the old school site was in line with Government guidelines, but Bohunt wanted the use of the Manor Sports Ground to enable it to widen the sports activities it could offer. One of the additional activities was a six-lane, 400-metre running track round the cricket square.

Another Bohunt representative agreed that the site was not ideal, being on a main road into Worthing, but pointed out that they did not choose it, but as they were informed it was the only site available, since all the space spaces on the other school sites had been sold for housing.

The local community surely deserves better consultations from both councils and could possiby request an investigation into decisions made, particularly in view of the unavailablity of any minutes.

A.D.R. Stubbs

Beaumont Road


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