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Your letters

After school, I went to go to the baker’s to buy a delicious sausage roll. When I got there I discovered I had lost my wallet. I knew I had it just before I left home (when mum gave me the money).

I was really gutted and upset and searched everywhere and asked all the shopkeepers and my neighbours.

No-one had seen it. I was so fed up as it had my bank card and bus pass and lots of other stuff in it.

Amazingly, half an hour later, my neighbour knocked on the door to tell me a man from Santander had been round to my house with my wallet.

A lovely person had found my wallet and walked it right to the other end of the shops to Santander to hand it in. The kind person at Santander had then brought it back to us.

So, please can I say a massive thank-you to the lovely member of the public who found my wallet and went out of their way to get it back to me, the people at Santander who went the extra mile to bring it back, all the shopkeepers, and my neighbours who helped me look?

I am so thankful to you all – you made my day.

And as my mum says, it restores your faith in people. Wallace Parade/Goring Road – you rock!

Frank Pegg, 12,

Goring Road,


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