I am writing regarding the Canadian memorial ceremony to register my complaint about a serious inaccuracy written in the official booklet.

Unfortunately, there is no indication whatsoever as to who wrote or published the booklet, so I am appealing to your better nature to either publish my complaint, or pass it on to the person responsible

I am a previous resident of Worthing and now live in Dieppe, France. I am still a member of Worthing Royal Naval Association, and have been for the past 13 years.

It was in this capacity that I offered to collect pebbles from the various landing beaches around Dieppe, from Operation Jubilee, to be part of the memorial.

I am also heavily involved in the various commemorations in Dieppe of the said Operation each year, and I actually live at Puys, just outside Dieppe, which was Blue Beach and where 227 personnel from the Royal Regiment of Canada were killed and 264 taken prisoner.

I travelled to Worthing from Dieppe for the ceremony last Sunday and was both amazed and extremely upset and disappointed to read that stones had been presented by the “French Coastguard” on Trafalgar Day 2012 when they had, in fact, been carefully selected and labelled by myself and brought over when I attended the Trafalgar Night Dinner in 2012.

No French person would have presented anything to the British on Trafalgar Day!

Maybe the author of this inaccuracy should double check both the historical and present day facts before publishing this utter fabrication, which was obviously seen by the hundreds of people who attended the Ceremony. The “French Coastguard” had absolutely nothing to do with it at all.

As you can imagine, I was deeply upset. I do not want a personal accolade, just the accurate presentation of the facts.

I served in the Royal Navy for many years, am 82 years of age, and deserve better than this. I would like an apology from the person responsible, preferably published in your newspaper, so it reaches the widest possible audience.

I sincerely hope you will be able to help me in this matter. Many thanks in anticipation.

Mike Andrews