Memories of the Beatles

I read Ian Hart’s column on June 6, with interest.

He mentions the 50th anniversary of a Beatles show, but I saw the Beatles at the Brighton Hippodrome on July 12, 1964, not quite 49 years ago. I still have the programme, with the date on, (sadly unsigned). The show also included the Fourmost, another Liverpool group. Were the Beatles in Brighton in 1963, too?

The evening was great, but the level of noise when the Beatles came on was amazing. There was a problem with the microphones and they stopped singing, but it made no difference to the incredible noise the audience was making. (We couldn’t truthfully hear their voices anyway, because of that noise. We only knew of the microphone failure because of what was happening, on the stage. The boys started doing the Shadows’ dance!).

The front of the stage was protected by police, so none of the audience could get near. I made a note next day of ten songs that they sang, but there may have been more. An evening to remember even all these years.

During the 60s, I went to see lots of groups at the Pier Pavilion including the Animals, the Mojos, the Pretty Things, Alan Price and Georgie Fame amongst others. But by the time R.E.M. came to the Carioca I was busy with my family and a bit old for pop, so I can’t claim to have been there.

Janet Hobday

Charmandean Road