Merger is the way forward

I read the Worthing Herald of February 21, with a growing sense that the town had slipped through one of those mysterious holes in the space-time continuum into some parallel universe those TV gurus are constantly telling us about.

It wasn’t that easy to tell from the “area not set to be Greater Brighton” report but it seemed to boil down to the fact that government development funds are available to us but sensibly based on bids from larger economic units than single towns.

This seemed to have terrified the “no change here” element in the local business and politics community.

I have long wondered whether there isn’t some hidden masonic faction in the town who secretly subvert all ideas for improvement and prefer a town centre parts of which have for years resembled the “bomb sites”of my London childhood.

They appear to be looking the wrong way when gazing anxiously east: the current pressure for uncontrolled development is clearly to the west following ASDA’s breakthrough on the A259 at Ferring.

Now that Worthing and Adur are in effect merged authorities (a fact probably most in the town are unaware of), perhaps it is time to revive the idea of a three-way merger with Arun D.C. so that there can be a coherent plan in response to the urbanisation of the western edge of Worthing.

‘Mini’ local authorities have had their day in all sorts of ways.

Incidentally, I can’t help feeling for some reason that the best place for sand is, er, on the beach – but I am happy to be proved wrong.

Maybe the old police station site and/or Teville Gate could be turned into a large beach, park and playground... something useful for us.

Chris Allen,

Rackham Road