Mind made up

Your letters
Your letters

I have made my mind up what is important for me when choosing who to vote for.

The last two Governments have no idea how the normal people live, and especially don’t listen to us.

Firstly, going in and ruining Iraq, and then Afghanistan, resulting in many casualties. And they have made things worse in those two countries.

They are continually blaming the growing elderly population for NHS problems. I agree it is part of the problem, but no mention whatsoever of the many numbers of people from EU countries who can now come here freely. Surely that should be mentioned as part of the problem?

I would also happily vote for someone who would leave the clocks alone.

Not only does it upset the body clock, but must confuse animals as well, making them wonder why their food is either not coming when it should, or far sooner than they want.

Also for older people like myself, medication times are thrown into chaos if you are not careful. So please, someone, listen to us.

Shirley Western Dew

Shelley Road


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