Mind the green gap

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I UNDERSTAND that the development consortium for West Durrington has submitted fresh proposals.

Apart from the removal of the ancient woodlands from the proposal, I see very little has changed.

Worthing’s planners had the sense, and courage, in my view, to refuse permission last time for in excess of 700 houses here.

I trust Worthing’s planning committee will show that same sense and courage during the next meeting these proposals are put forward.

Writing as a local resident not directly affected by these proposals, I have every sympathy with those who will be affected.

West Durrington will be nothing short of a building site for upwards of six years. Will it be worth the climb up Highdown Hill to enjoy that view any more? A view lost forever under a sea of rooftops...

Where will all these people find jobs? How will our local roads cope, especially at rush hour?

How can our already stretched local doctors, schools, etc., cope?

Yes, I’m sure that promises will be made,and contributions will be worked out. But where will the money come from to continue the running of those services, schools, etc., after the landowner and developers have pocketed their profits and scarpered?

Meanwhile, Worthing residents are left with fewer green fields, wildlife will suffer, and flood risk will increase. That all-important greenfield gap between our towns will be further diminished.

I have heard the argument put forward that the developers may take their proposals to appeal,if refused again,and that it would cost the residents of Worthing dearly.

In my view, that is a price well worth paying via my council tax.

Worthing Borough Council could stop these proposals at once, by removing this site from possible development areas once and for all.

Martyn Booker

Orchard Avenue