Minimal regard for town’s A27

I HAVE just trawled through a most boring document... the West Susssex transport plan for 2011 to 2026.

It basically says, in a nutshell: “Sorry, we can’t afford to sort out the A27 bottlenecks, so won’t bother.”

The real idea is that the public stop using cars. The reason the roads are full is because there are too many cars; the reason for all the bad air quality is that there’s too much congestion, because there are too many cars.

Public transport is seen as slow, uncomfortable and expensive, and there are too many cars in the way.

Can we all please walk or cycle, especially as only 80 per cent of the population actually own cars.

Worthing actually appears on pages 66 to 68 of the 72-page document, which just goes to show how important Worthing is considered in the overall view.

C. D. Servante

White Styles Road