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In reply to the 20mph misconception, following letters from Steve Carleysmith and Anthony Cartmell in last week’s Herald, unfortunately, Steve has listed many cities that have 20mph zones not 20mph limits!

A 20mph zone has 20mph sign, and then speed bumps, pinch points, raised junctions, and so on, which means there is something every 50m to actually slow your speed to an average of 20mph.

In Worthing, you are being offered a 20mph limit. This, very simply, is 20mph signs, nothing more.

Government figures will tell you, if you have a 20mph limit the average speed reduction is between one and two miles per hour!

Now, I have lived in Worthing for a number of years and have helped organise and run two street parties and, following the first one, helped form and become part of a residents’ association.

We now have many events every year, even with a 30mph limit.

I have a number of friends locally. One works at an insurance company, another at a pharmaceutical company and another at a bank.

They all cycle to work despite the 30mph limit.

I actually walk to work. But a good friend of mine, who I cycle regularly with over the Downs, works at Gatwick.

He would love to cycle to work, but having a 20mph limit won’t make Gatwick any closer.

Unfortunately having a 20mph limit won’t give us all super strength to walk home carrying ten bags of shopping from the supermarket.

I don’t know if anyone has ever tried getting a bag of peat, a six foot curtain pole and a hedge trimmer on their bike and cycled home from a DIY, store but a 20mph limit won’t make that any easier.

People often moan at the amount of cars temporarily parking near schools as the children are being dropped off and picked up.

Many parents have their working hours just between the school times and, despite having the desire to walk to school, a 20mph limit won’t give them the 20 minutes extra at the beginning and end of their working day to make this possible.

Most of you won’t know my wife, but if she has dressed up to go to a local restaurant, having done her hair and wearing high heels and an evening dress, you can only imagine the look I would get if I got our bikes out with the excuse ‘we have a 20mph limit now’. Of course. if we have a 20mph limit. it will never rain. snow or become icy ever again.

Contrary to popular belief. I actually know the names of my neighbours and speak to them, despite having a 30mph speed limit.

And how many parents will tell their children ‘Go on, darling, go and play football out in the road as we have a 20mph limit now”?

Remember, all you are being offered is a 20mph speed limit, nothing more.

Gavin Ross

Rogate Close


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