Missed opportunity

WHAT a great shame that the opportunity has been missed to extend the prom shared-use path westwards to Goring. (Goring cycle-lane put on hold after funding denied, Worthing Herald, July 19)

It was only after the prom was opened up to cycling that we started to visit Worthing regularly. Before cycling was allowed on the prom, I never even knew that there was anything to Worthing west of the pier. The busy road effectively barred access.

Now, and especially with children, the whole town is accessible. Cycling along the prom makes it easy, convenient and quick to reach across the town from Marine Gardens to Splash Point. And the ride itself is a wonderful (and healthy) part of any visit.

Extending cycle access to Sea Lane – with its café and lawns – would further enhance the attractiveness of the town, just as much as it would provide fast and safe access from Goring itself into Worthing away from the busy road.

It’s a no-brainer, surely?

Peter Silburn

Parsonage Road