Missed the point

Like all the other 20’s Plenty supporters, Duncan Kay has deliberately missed the point again.

The important point is what effect the scheme would have, not what he would like it to be. He wrote that if accidents reduced 3 per cent in Worthing it would save £12 million pounds.

Obviously, the number of accidents will vary year by year. Initially in Portsmouth the number of killed and seriously injured people rose by 3.7 per cent. If that happened in Worthing it would cost £14.8 million pounds instead of saving £12 million.

The Portsmouth scheme has been running for five years and is now second only to London in the number of collisions involving cyclists and pedestrians. Pedestrians can still be killed if hit at 20mph.

I am against our council spending £450,000 to make the same thing happen here.

I think that they should at least wait a few years to see if the number of KSI accidents increase in Brighton and Chichester like they did in Portsmouth.

Chris Gould

Georgia Avenue