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Your letters
Your letters

It is good to see that the council has listened to the people and declined to give sole use of the Manor Sports Ground, Worthing, to Bohunt School.

The use of Queen Street car park for temporary classrooms and then mainly for teachers is ludicrous.

Firstly, when is any building work done to time? The temporary classrooms could be there for years. It is a public car park, i.e. for use by the public. Nowhere does it say it can be given to a school for its teachers with a small number of spaces for the public.

The school should have sufficient parking on its site. There may well be disabled teachers and students who will need to park near the school building.

It is ridiculous to build a school on a site which has insufficient room for expansion, parking and playing fields. It is not safe for students to leave the site for games and in this case cross a dangerous road.

The site was never suitable and the whole idea should be dropped. It has been pointed out that the old Northbrook site would have been suitable.

The main problem here is that transport and roads are not good enough for the traffic they bear at present and certainly not for more cars.

Susanna Humphreys

Meadow Road


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