More on the Wurlitzer

I READ Jim Buckand’s letter regarding the Worthing Wurlitzer with a great deal of surprise.

Mr Buckland claims to have had no response from the leadership of Worthing Borough Council.

To the contrary, I can assure Herald readers that I have been in personal communication with Mr Buckland.

The nature of his most recent correspondence was to make legal challenges to the council.

In order that tax payers are protected, I referred these matters to my legal officers for response.

I fully understand that Mr Buckland has given a good deal of his life to the Wurlitzer.

I do hope whoever comes forward to run our theatres in the future will be speaking with him about a new contract.

However, we are in a very difficult financial position and need to make significant savings over the next two years to protect frontline services such as refuse collections and street sweeping.

Paul Yallop


Worthing Borough Council