More police needed

I AM sure many local residents will agree with Mr Harman’s comments in his letter concerning abusive cyclists riding their bikes along the pavements.

These cyclists have no insurance cover, they do not wear helmets to protect themselves, they do not have to worry about points on their licence.

If a pedestrian was injured by one of these cyclists, would the cyclist stop to help?

Also, arrogant drivers who park their cars on the pavement should be heavily fined.

If there is no room to park a car on the road, there is definitely no room for the car on the pavement.

Double yellow lines are ignored as these drivers park their cars half or even fully on the pavement next to the yellow lines.

Cars are parked on pavements over disabled crossings, dropped kerbs and blocking gates and drives.

Inconsiderate cyclists and drivers know that nothing can be done about these problems because there is no money available for more parking wardens or police.

P A Roch

Mulberry Close