More signs needed for new cycle path on A259

Yesterday, at 3.30pm, I was coming back from Bognor.

I thought that the road works were still there, as the traffic was heavy and kept stopping and starting.

The A259 in Angmering. Picture: Google Maps

The A259 in Angmering. Picture: Google Maps

As I got closer I realised that the problem was a lady on a push bike.

She was cycling along the road seeming blissfully unaware that a metre to her left was the new multi-million pound cycle path that has caused major disruption to drivers for over a year!

I’m not if this due to lack of signs being out letting you know that is a cycle path, or if she just didn’t see them?

A lot of car drivers were trying to tell her to use the cycle path , but as she had headphones on she couldn’t hear them .

This is the first person we have ever seen cycling along the A259 , and it’s quite ironic that she was in the road.

Karen Baker

Beaconsfield Road



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