More traffic or not?

MARTIN Perry (in the Herald, May 17) says that the planned Brighton and Hove Albion training ground and academy at Mash Barn will not create any traffic problems.

This seems a bit strange as the planning application has been delayed by three months by the Highways Agency, which is concerned about the impact of this proposal on the already over-loaded north Lancing roundabout.

Indeed, in its own traffic report that accompanied their application BHA says, “Our primary cause for concern is the appropriateness of a significant commercial development being accessed via a residential road and the impact of the traffic that is generated by the development on safety”, and that “there will be a significant intensification alien to a residential road”.

It is clear that there will be a significant traffic impact created by this proposal that will affect both Mash Barn residents and those caught up in the regular daily queues in Grinstead Lane and the A27.

Frank Iles

Mash Barn Lane