Move with the times

REGARDING the story about the horses being ridden along the roads and having near misses with traffic (December 29).

I know that legally they have as much right on the road as all other users, but in the 21st century I am afraid riders really do need to accept roads are just not the place for horses, particularly the main A27.

Anyone trying to cross this road on a horse or on foot must be absolutely bonkers.

And, unfortunately, those of us who do slow down and pull over for horse riders are as often as not met with a glare and a haughty stare, not an acknowledgement.

And before you tell me it’s not always possible to take one hand from the reins (I am an experienced rider and BHS qualified, although sadly I rarely get a chance to ride these days), I know that, but a smile and a cheery “thank you” called out is sufficient.

Life moves on, and horse riders have to adapt and move with the times the same as the rest of society.

Wendy Taylor

Manor Road