Mr Yallop works hard

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I REFER to the letters in the June 21 and June 28, from Trudi Starling and Mr De Conceicao Silva respectively regarding the town’s progress.

The letter from Ms Starling, amongst other things, castigates the borough council for a lack of leadership and lack-lustre performance.

Wise words indeed from a person who suffered the ignomy of achieving last place with a percentage of 7.25 per cent in the recent borough council election for Offington ward.

Perhaps Ms Starling is unaware that Mr Yallop was instrumental in progressing and overseeing the completion of the Splash Point project, the children’s play facility opposite Marine Gardens, and the much-needed swimming pool.

Such projects are (and will be) a tremendous benefit to the residents of this town (as can be seen by the number of children with parents who make use of the play facility near Marine Gardens).

Mr Yallop commits himself, full-time, to his council activities. In my view he therefore deserves an appropriate allowance commensurate with those activities. I might also add that council member allowances do not qualify towards retirement/pension income.

P J Hilland

St Michael’s Road