Much-valued service

IN her letter entitled Food for Thought (Herald, October 27) Mrs D P McBrien questions the need for a restaurant at Worthing Hospital.

Well, I for one, have been most grateful for it being there.

My wife has had to make many visits to the hospital this year, twice as an in patient.

There is a break in visiting hours at 5pm, and the restaurant has meant that I have been able to get a meal before returning to my wife’s ward.

The restaurant has excellent, good-value food, the tables are kept clean and the staff are always friendly and helpful.

It is used extensively by staff, visitors and “walking wounded” patients – no doubt many outsiders “in the know” come in as well.

There may be many “very good restaurants in Worthing” but they would be very difficult for staff to reach in their break time.

I am sure that Mrs McBrien would be pleasantly surprised if she tries the restaurant.

John Dinning

Russell Close