My solution...

With regard to the issue of Ferring Village Hall (article by Dan Cain, June 27), I am pleased this matter has now been openly brought to the attention of Ferring residents.

Carole Robertson, chairman of the parish council, paints a pretty picture without revealing the full facts.

The freehold of the village hall is owned and operated by a charitable trust, and is gifted to the community for the benefit of Ferring residents.

The site and building to be used for the proposed new village hall and community centre is owned by Arun District Council and the present building is on lease.

According to the Neighbourhodd Plan, the proposal is to direct all the funds from the sale of the village hall in to the new building, which is owned by Arun District Council.

For the privilege of using the facilities of the new building, a new lease will be created and we will have to pay ‘rent’ and I think the funds will be lost forever.

I would have thought that should such a development take place, then investment of the funds in any of the major banks would be better, to ensure an ongoing income for use by Ferring Parish Council and a guarantee of capital for further use in the future.

Rodney Hart

Ferringham Lane