My stay was nice

HAVING just spent four weeks in Worthing Hospital, I am now recouperating in Salvington Lodge, Worthing.

I would like to thank all the people who have, and are, making my recovery from broken bones such a happy one.

They are from all over the world and could not be nicer. But, I asked a lovely nurse if she ever had racial abuse, and she told me she had.

She told me that she took her grandchild in the pram, and sat down on a seat. The white woman who was sitting there told her to move because she wanted to sit down.

I said how awful, and asked what country they were in, and she said Worthing!

I felt ashamed to be white.

If only that woman had chatted to the nurse she would have found out the lovely person she is.

Just because a person is not white, they are no different, and in most cases are more intelligent than the likes of me.

I hope that woman reads this and is ashamed of herself.

Kathleen Skeet

Salvington Lodge