Narrowly missed

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I REALLY do think there should be some law enforcement regarding cycling on pavements in Worthing.

Today, just as I alighted from the bus in Mill Road, a man sped by on a large bicycle at high speed and narrowly missed me.

What an able-bodied man was doing cycling on a pedestrian-only pavement I should like to know.

I am an octogenarian and if I had been knocked down I would have sustained serious injuries.

It gave me a scare and I feel that enough is enough of grown men speeding past on pavements.

If they do not want to cycle on the road then they should wheel their bicycles on the pavement.

This is not an isolated incident.

It has happened to me before and I know other who have actually been knocked down and injured.

Can we please have some recognition of the law on this subject, such as notices saying “No Cycling, Penalty Fines”.

Also, we should have some police walking the streets, or do just shrug our shoulders and let this continue.

Anne Locke

Lichfield Court

Pevensey Garden