Near misses

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Your letters

I live in North Lancing, so have witnessed and been caught up in the disruption caused by many road traffic accidents close to or in Southwick Tunnel.

Only yesterday, as I was approaching the tunnel going west, an accident had occurred between a motorbike and a car, just before the entrance to the tunnel.

If that wasn’t enough, when I entered the tunnel, a car was broken down inside. I put on my hazard warning lights to inform cars behind.

I have seen so many near misses on this stretch of road, maybe speed control is the answer.

I think there are a few factors regarding Southwick Tunnel.

The curve of the road and camber when approaching the tunnel going west, traffic picks up speed and cannot see around the corner on approach to the tunnel. Local people who know this stretch are more safety-aware – I reduce my speed on the approach to the tunnel. I really hope someone comes up with a solution quickly.

Patricia Atherton

Lewis Road


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