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Your letters

Isn’t it rather odd that the Herald chooses to publish Patricia Frost’s letter about near misses by cyclists on pedestrians when our town allows parking on the pavements and most of the ‘law abiding’ cyclists experience up to several ‘near misses’ each and every time that they do their bit to reduce traffic congestion in Worthing by cycling to work or school or the shops on the roads.

If each cyclist wrote complaining of near misses by cars the Herald would be inundated. Near misses of pedestrians is news, near misses of cyclists is just a part of daily life – to be ignored by the press.

Unless our councillors put pressure on West Sussex County Council to improve road safety in the area more and more cyclists will choose to ride on the pavements.

That is, of course, if they can get past the cars already parking there.

JP Saville

The Heights,


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