Need for limits?

USING official data recorded by police in Great Britain between 1999 and 2010, every road collision in which someone has died has been plotted. This data shows pedestrian deaths, cyclists deaths etc., and was released on the BBC website. The figures show that on residential roads in the Worthing area, that would be affected by the “20s plenty“ campaign, only two pedestrians and one cyclist have perished over the 11-year period.

Accidents always will and always have happened and three fatalities, whilst very sad, is a very low number over such a long time period. I would suggest that even if this 20mph speed limit is imposed, which I hope it isn’t, in 11 years time, the statistics won’t be much different.

The 20s plenty campaigners must have included all motor accidents, on all roads, not just residential, over a wide area, to have come up with their figures of 111 fatalities over a five-year period, because I can’t find that amount in the police data shown on the website.

Steve Woods

Strathmore Road