Need to attract new business

I am very disappointed to see that the Jubilee Church has submitted a fresh application for a temporary change of use for Unit S in Dominion Way.

I have nothing personally against the Jubilee Church, far from it, and I am sure the Jubilee Church undertakes some excellent work locally.

However, the fact remains that Unit S in Dominion Way is an industrial unit, on a designated industrial estate, and a change of use is not acceptable to many local businesses including my own.

Worthing needs to be attracting new businesses in to the town and creating new jobs for local people, therefore, we need more not less industrial units in Worthing.

At a time when there are several existing churches in the Worthing area either already closed, or under the threat of closure, this application to my mind makes little sense.

On health and safety grounds, Dominion Way is a very busy access road to several small industrial estates, which to my mind renders unit S totally unsuitable for any form of community hub or place of worship, temporary or otherwise.

It is also a fact that locally in Worthing there is a genuine shortage of available industrial premises of this type, I know this personally as a business we have been seeking additional freehold industrial premises for some time now to expand our business, and have yet to find anything suitable.

Peter Webb

Managing director, Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd, Riverside House,

Easting Close, Worthing